Boat Maintenance: Choosing the Right Boat Glass Cleaner

The windows on your boat are essential parts that need proper care and maintenance. Boat windows tend to lose clarity more frequently than home windows. Exposure to sun and water will definitely blur out a boat’s window. Thus, regular use of  a good boat glass cleaner is essential in boat maintenance. Moreover, following these boat cleaning tips below will help you keep your boat windows in perfect shape.

Boat Maintenance: Choosing the Right Boat Glass Cleaner

Dock in a Safe Area

Just like how we park our cars in a safe area, boats needed to be docked properly and safely as well. This is essential not just for keeping the boat windows safe but its other parts as well.

It is best to dock your boat in an area where trespassers are not allowed to ensure that no one will use your boat unauthorized. It is also essential to place your boat in a place where nothing reflects it. Solar reflection from windows can damage parts of your boat. The video below will explain more details about reflected sunlight.

Clean and Dry

In cleaning boat glass windows, it is important to regularly wash it with clean water. Avoid using used or dirty water as it will only leave streak marks and unwanted odor to your windows. Always wipe your boat windows dry after washing with water. Based on an article from, leaving your boat air dry after washing can leave unwanted mineral deposits that might turn abrasive later on. Wipe windows and other boat parts with a microfiber cloth after every wash.

Use a Toxic-free Cleaner

As much as you want to keep your boat windows crystal clear, you would also want to be safe from inhaling nasty chemicals from your boat glass cleaner. Still, the best way to clean windows on a boat is by using non-toxic cleaners. If you have tinted boat windows, it is also important to pick ammonia-free cleaning solutions to not damage the tint.


In keeping you boat windows in shape, it is important to spend time on proper maintenance and use the right cleaning materials. These window cleaning tips will surely come in handy in adding more years to your boat glass windows.

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