The Do's and Don'ts in Maintaining Tinted Windows

There are many reasons why people choose tinted windows to be installed at home or on their vehicles. Tinted windows can minimize heat during the summer and sun glare that can affect our vision.

Tinted windows are better than Low-E glass windows as it will not reflect the sun back and cause damage to properties. Check out the video below which will explain how Low-E glass windows can cause damage.

The Do's and Don'ts in Maintaining Tinted Windows

On the other hand, maintaining tinted windows can be pretty challenging. There are definite dos and don’ts in keeping them in tiptop shape. Keep reading below and find out the best way to clean windows. These tips apply even if they are tinted or not.

Dos for Window Maintenance

Aside from Googling “how to clean glass windows,” find high-quality tinted windows with a great warranty. If you want to keep your tinted windows at their best, you need to find a manufacturer that offers a good warranty. If possible, look for ones that offer a lifetime guarantee and warranty.

Clean Regularly - When maintaining tinted windows, it is important to clean it regularly the right way. Streaks, grime, and stains can be difficult to remove if not cleaned right away. After washing tinted windows, wipe dry with a microfiber cloth to clean windows without streaks. Do not let it air dry as it can collect dust and cleaner residues.

Use Ammonia-free Cleaners - When cleaning tinted windows, it is a must that you use an ammonia-free window cleaner. Remember that ammonia is used to remove tinting film on windows. Thus, if you want to keep your windows tint, ammonia-based cleaners is a definite no-go.

Don’ts in Window Maintenance

Do Not Use Abrasive Cleaners - Whether you have a tinted window or not, an abrasive cleaner is one to avoid. Abrasive cleaners can scratch your windows and leave marks. That is definitely not a good look.

Do Not Use Dirty/Recycled Water When Washing - If you want to perfect your streak-free window cleaning technique, then you must not use dirty or used water. The residue from used water is one of the main culprits in leaving streaks on your windows.Use clean water instead to avoid leaving grime all over your clean windows.


Maintaining tinted windows can be quite a chore, but there are things that need to be considered especially when cleaning them. Moreover, the tips mentioned above will definitely come in handy if you want to keep your tinted windows in its best form.

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